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3 reasons why Big Bang’s Seungri thinks YG is better than SM.

On September 25,

special Chuseok variety show

I Will Win You Over with My Channel‘ SBS.

Kang Ho Dong  the MC visited Seungri’s house.

During show, Kang Ho Dong, who’s an MC under SM C&C,

asked Seungri to pin point 3 reasons

why YG Entertainment is better than SM Entertainment.


Seungri took his time to think and finally spoke saying,

“I have to name 3? I’m not sure if there are 3…”

Soon he mentioned the CEO Yang Hyun Suk and said,

“Our hwaejangnim is smart.”

The MC fired back saying, “So is ours.”

Seungri then continued by making a point,

“YG makes good music.”

Kang Ho Dong once again interrupted by saying ,

“We too make good music.”

Lost of words,

Seungri jokingly replied,

“I’ll transfer (to SM) if I can be the leader.

I don’t like being the maknae anymore.I want to have it all.”

this made everyone laugh as he added,

“But I love G-Dragon, my leader forever.”


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