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Exo in June 2016
From left to right, standing: Baekhyun, Chen, Lay, Sehun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai
From left to right, kneeling: Suho, Xiumin
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
  • K-pop
  • hip hop
  • R&B
  • EDM
  • J-pop
Years active 2012–present
  • SM Entertainment
  • Avex Trax
Associated acts
  • Exo-CBX
  • SM Town
Website exo.smtown.com
  • Xiumin
  • Suho
  • Lay
  • Baekhyun
  • Chen
  • Chanyeol
  • D.O.
  • Kai
  • Sehun
Past members
  • Luhan
  • Kris
  • Tao

Exo (Korean: 엑소; stylized as EXO) is a South Korean–Chinese boy band based in Seoul with nine members: Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun, Xiumin, Lay and Chen. The band was formed by SM Entertainment in 2011 and debuted in 2012.

Their music utilizes genres including pop, hip hop and R&B, alongside electronic dance music genres including house, trap and synth-pop.

 Exo releases and performs music in Korean, Mandarin and Japanese.

The band ranked as one of the top-five most influential celebrities on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list from 2014 to 2018 and have been named “the biggest boyband in the world” and the “Kings of K-pop” by the media.

The band initially debuted with twelve members separated into two subgroups; Exo-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun) and Exo-M (Xiumin, Lay, Chen and former members Kris, Luhan and Tao), performing music in Korean and Mandarin respectively, which continued until 2014.

 Exo has been active as a single group since then, while continuing to release and perform music in multiple languages.

After the departures of Kris, Luhan and Tao amid legal battles in 2014 and 2015, the band continued with the remaining nine members.

 Since 2016, Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin, have also been active as a sub-unit named Exo-CBX, incorporating the initials of each member’s stage name.

 All of the band’s members also maintain solo careers in music, film and television.

Exo’s first album XOXO (2013), which contains the breakthrough hit “Growl”, was a critical and commercial success.

It sold over one million copies, making Exo the best-selling Korean artist in twelve years.

Subsequent albums and EPs also had strong sales; its second album Exodus (2015) and third album Ex’Act (2016) both sold over one million copies each.

 From 2013 to 2017, these albums, along with Exo’s third EP Overdose (2014), won Exo multiple awards including four consecutive wins each of the Disc Daesang at the Golden Disc Awards, Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Daesang award at the Seoul Music Awards.

 Their fourth album The War (2017) became the band’s best-selling album to date, selling over 1.6 million copies in South Korea and winning Exo a second consecutive Artist of the Year award at the 9th Melon Music Awards and record fifth consecutive Album of the Year award at the 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

 The War also became their highest charting album on the US Billboard 200.

Since Exo’s first headlining tour in 2014, titled Exo from Exoplanet #1 – The Lost Planet, the band has performed over 100 concerts during four tours and has participated in multiple joint tours.

 Exo is also known for its work outside music, which includes endorsement deals with brands such as Nature Republic and Samsung, and philanthropic efforts such as “Smile for U”, a joint SM Entertainment and UNICEF project that began in 2015, which Exo continues to participate in.



EXO Members Profile

Stage Name: Suho (수호)
Birth Name: Kim Jun Myeon (김준면)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: May 22, 1991
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Water


Stage Name: Xiumin (시우민)
Korean Name: Kim Min Seok (김민석)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper
Birthday: March 26, 1990
Zodiac sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Bloodtype: B
Hometown: Guri, Gyeonggi province
Specialties: Taekwondo, kendo
Instagram: @e_xiu_o
Subunit: EXO-M, EXO-CBX
Super Power (Badge): Frost (Snowflake)



hqdefault (1)
Stage Name: Lay (레이)
Birth Name: Zhang Jiashuai, his legalized name is Zhang Yixing (张艺兴)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: October 7, 1991
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China
Subunit: EXO-M
Specialties: Guitar, dancing, piano
Super Power (Badge): Healing (Unicorn)
Instagram: @zyxzjs
Twitter: @LAY_zhang_
Weibo: 努力努力再努力x



maxresdefault (1)
Stage Name: Baekhyun (백현)
Birth Name: Byun Baek Hyun (변백현)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 6, 1992
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Nationality: Korean
Height: 174 cm (5’9″)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Specialties: Hapkido, piano
Subunit: EXO-K, EXO-CBX
Super Power (Badge): Light (Sun)
Instagram: @baekhyunee_exo
Twitter: @b_hundred_hyun
Weibo: baekhyunee7



hqdefault (2)
Stage Name: Chen (첸)
Korean Name: Kim Jong Dae (김종대)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 21, 1992
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: B
Hometown:  Siheung, Gyeonggi province
Specialties: Singing, piano
Subunit: EXO-M, EXO-CBX
Super Power (Badge): Thunder (Lightning)



maxresdefault (2)
Stage Name: Chanyeol (찬열)
Birth Name: Park Chan Yeol (박찬열)
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: November 27, 1992
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Specialties: Playing musical instruments (guitar, drum, bass, djembe), rap, acting
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Fire (Phoenix)
Instagram: @real__pcy
Soundcloud: real__pcy
Weibo: real__pcyyyyy



hqdefault (3)
Stage Name: D.O. (디오)
Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo (도경수)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 12, 1993
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Specialties: Singing, beat box, acting
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Force



hqdefault (4)
Stage Name: Kai (카이)
Birth Name: Kim Jong In (김종인)
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Center
Birthday: January 14, 1994
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Specialties: Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, rocking)
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Teleportation
Instagram: @zkdlin



hqdefault (5)
Stage Name: Sehun (세훈)
Birth Name: Oh Se Hun (오세훈)
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: April 12, 1994
Zodiac sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 183 cm (6’0″) (Updated)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Specialties: Dancing, acting
Subunit: EXO-K
Super Power (Badge): Wind
Instagram: @oohsehun
Weibo: “wu世勋-EXO


Former Member


maxresdefault (3)
Stage Name: Kris (크리스)
Birth Name: Li Jiaheng but his name was changed to Wu Yifan (吴亦凡)
Position: Main Rapper, Leader (EXO-M), Vocalist
Birthday: November 6, 1990
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 187 cm (6’2″)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Chinese-Canadian
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Specialties: Languages and Basketball
Subunit: EXO-M
Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon)
Instagram: @kriswu
Weibo: @Mr_凡先生


maxresdefault (4)
Stage Name: Luhan (루한)
Birth Name: Lu Han (鹿晗)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Face of The Group
Birthday: April 20, 1990
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown: Beijing Haidian, China
Specialties: Soccer, Rubix cube
Subunit: EXO-M
Super Power (Badge): Telekinesis
Instagram: @7_luhan_m
Weibo: @M鹿M


hqdefault (6)
Stage Name: Tao (타오)
Chinese Name: Huang Zitao (黄子韬)
Nickname: Peach, Kung Fu Panda
Birthday: May 2, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown: Qingdao, China
Specialty: Martial arts
Subunit: EXO-M
Super Power (Badge): Time Control (Hourglass)
Instagram: @hztttao
Weibo: @CPOPKing-黄子韬



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