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First Star-Studded Lineup announced for “2018 MGA” (Genie Music Awards)

The 2018 MGA (MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards) has announced that its first star-studded lineup and it will be including TWICE, BTS, and Wanna One.

The said awards are being held on November 6, 2018 and will be featuring not only Korea’s top artists, but also collaborations with famous foreign artists too.

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BTS will be making an appearance at the awards in between the Europe and Asia legs of their third world tour, BTS World Tour: Love Yourself.

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TWICE will be making their appearance with their comeback,  since it has been confirmed that the group is making a comeback in November.

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Wanna One will also be attending with a comeback , as Swing Entertainment has announced the project group’s last comeback in the middle of November.

The MGA committee has officially made a stand that this event will be fair and credible with their awards, promising that there will be no infamous “attendance awards”, meaning there will be artists  that will go home without an award.


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