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Honey Popcorn
Origin South Korea
  • K-pop
  • Dance-pop
Years active 2018–present
Labels Kyun Create
  • Yua Mikami
  • Moko Sakura
Past members
  • Miko Matsuda

Honey Popcorn (Hangul: 허니팝콘) is a girl group based in South Korea formed by Kyun Create, consisting of Japanese adult video actresses Yua Mikamiand Moko Sakura.

 The group debuted on March 21, 2018 with album Bibidi Babidi Boo.

Originally a three-piece group, Miko Matsuda left the group in December 2018.

On April 7 2019, they announced that they recruited three new members.


HONEY POPCORN Members Profile

Stage Name: Yua (유아)
Birth Name: Momona Kitō, known as Yua Mikami (三上悠亜)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: August 16, 1993
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Twitter: @yua_mikami
Instagram: @yua_mikami
Youtube: Mikami Yua


Moko Sakura

Stage Name: Moko (모코)
Birth Name: Ito Yuu, known as Moko Sakura (桜もこ)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: March 19, 1991
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 153 cm (5’0″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram:  @mokochan319
Twitter:  @moko_sakura3


Graduated Member
Miko Matsuda

Stage Name: Miko (미코)
Birth Name: Okada Risako, known as Miko Matsuda ( 松田美子)
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: October 28th, 1995
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 158cm (5’2″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @miko_m1028
Twitter: @miko__m1028


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