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How does BTS’s dormitory look like??

Last year, BTS’s sales peaked at $33.3 million USD which allowed not only the members but the whole entertainment(Seoul’s luxurious Hannam Area) to move to a better building and location. BTS members are now said to be staying at a neighborhood with many other top stars such as Han Hyo Joo, Ahn Sung Ki, and Park Hyo Shin.

1.  years 2013 ~ 2014 ( rookie days)





2. years 2015 ~ 2016 (the “In The Mood For Love” days)

3. year 2017 (the “Love Yourself” days)

4. year 2018 (the current days)

From All-Members-Sleep-in-One-Room to  The Luxurious Hannam Area Apartment where all seven members have there own single room. A clear proof of how much the boys have improved.


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