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K Pop History Is Rewritten. BTS Reaches The Billboard Chart with 2 Songs.

BTS reaches the Billboard chart twice in a row, and this is first time in Kpop history

On the 3rd, the Billboard news announced in advanced that LOVE YOURSELF ANSWER, which was released on the 24 last month, reached the 1st in the ‘Billboard 200’.

Furthermore, ‘LOVE YOURSELF TEAR’ reached the top of ‘Billboard 200’ within 3 month.

The Billboard explained that ‘LOVE YOURSELF ANSWER’ and ‘LOVE YOURSELF TEAR’ reached rank 1 simultaneously, and only BTS was able to do it.

The rank in ‘Billboard 200’ is decided by the amount of albums were sold, number of views online, and amount of download done. The newest chart would be released on the 5th of this month.



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